Statement of Philosophy

Our operation at Active Learning is guided by six principles stated in the National Quality Framework.

A) We believe that the rights of the child are paramount. Therefore, we will respect children’s individual and cultural identity; protect them from harm and promote every child’s wellbeing. We will provide opportunity for them to express their opinions and have their view considered in any decisions that may affect them.

B) We believe in equity, inclusion and diversity in a fair and just society. Therefore, all children will be treated equally regardless of race or culture, gender, age, language, religion, ability, family structure or economic status. We will ensure our programs are culturally relevant and inclusive aiming to capture and maximise resources to support each child’s participation, in particular, encouraging full participation of children with additional needs.

C) We believe children are successful, competent and capable learners. They construct their knowledge, meanings and understanding through their interactions with relationships and experiences. Therefore, we will provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment which allows flexibility for individual interests and needs, in particular, a school readiness program for older pre-school children. The Early Years Learning Framework is the curriculum platform for our play-based learning environment. We aim to achieve the five learning outcomes specified in the Framework for all children in our service.

D) We respect and support the important roles of parents and families in caring and educating children. Therefore, we encourage parental participation in planning our programs and to be involved in decision making affecting their child. Parents are invited to share their ideas, knowledge, experience and talents which could be incorporated into our curriculum. Open communication between parents and staff are constantly fostered. We have an open-door policy which means that parents are most welcome to come and be with their child at any time of the day.

E) We value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as these are the heritage and a core part of this nation’s history, present and future. We respect the strengths and contributions each individual and group makes to the Australian community. Therefore, we will provide experiences to develop awareness of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and multicultural heritage.

F) We strive to achieve the highest quality and standard in our service delivery. The best interest of our children and their development is the primary consideration in decision making at our service. Therefore, we strive to provide a clean, safe, comfortable, nurturing and aesthetically pleasing environment so as to promote each child’s learning and wellbeing. We will ensure our interactions with children are warm and positive. We will continually reflect on our practices to find ways to improve our services.